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Module 1 (Creating Hologram Platform)

This module introduces how to use Hologram Platform for the new delivery experience. You and your students may have a different kind of learning experience. This module only covers how to develop the platform using Plastic or Acrylic Perspex. You need to build Hologram content by creating a video or 3D model.

Module 2 (Exploring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)

This module exposes the lecturer to Augmented Reality and Virtual for teaching Delivery. There is much mobile application, such as EON XR and View(Vuforia). EON XR and View are free Apps which allowed the user to explore the content available. Some of the content required subscription for extra information. You need at least 4GB memory Smartphone to run the content. Higher performance processor is vital to explore high-quality 3D content.

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Learning Methods

Three methods used at UiTM for delivery of learning :-
Opend & Distance Learning(ODL), Blended Learning(BL) and Hybrid learning(HL)

Teaching Technology Tools II here

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Teaching Portfolio (A Handbook for UiTM Academic Staff) here

Kerangka Pengajaran Kolaboratif dan Pelaksanaannya di UiTM    ...Download

Kerangka Pengajaran Kolaboratif dan Pelaksanaannya di Universiti Teknologi MARA here

Dasar Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran 2021    ...Download

Dasar Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran 2021 Universiti Teknologi MARA here

Pelan Tindakan Perkuliahan ODL 5.0 Sesi II

  • Kalender Akademik Sesi II 2021/2022 (read here)

  • Pekeliling Akademik Bil 2/2022 ( Pelan tindakan Perkuliahan ODL 5.0 bagi Sesi II 2021/2022 ) (read here)

  • Pemakluman KPT: Soalan lazim kemasukan pelajar Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi (IPT) secara fizikal bagi sesi akademik tahun 2021/2022 bermula pada Mac 2022 dikeluarkan pada 25 Februari 2022 (read here)

  • Pekeliling Akademik Bil 5/2022 mengenai Pendaftaran Pelajar Baharu bagi Sesi II 2021/2022 (Mac 2022) (read here)

Handbook Alternative Assessment @UiTM

Guideline and Notes for ODL @UiTM

  • Notes for ODL @UiTM (read here)

  • Lampiran Kaedah PDP (read here)

  • Garis Panduan ODL @UiTM (read here)

  • Garis Panduan Pelaksanaan Penyampaian Dan Pembelajaran Secara Bersemuka Di Ruang Pembelajaran UiTM Dan Secara ODL (read here)

  • Model Pengajaran Kolaboratif Di UiTM (read here)

  • Pembudayaan Model A.D.A.B di dalam Pelaksanaan ODL 4.0 (ADAB pensyarah terhadap pelajar dan dirinya) (read here)

  • Pembudayaan Model A.D.A.B di dalam Pelaksanaan ODL 4.0 (ADAB pelajar terhadap pensyarah dan dirinya) (read here)

Be a successful Online & Distance Learner here

Virtual Classroom Design here

UiTM Online Delivery Initiative here

Kisah ODL Sana Sini

Kisah Anak Mak Cik Kiah