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Collaborative Group for Social Media as Learning Delivery Platform (CGSM) under the Centre for Innovative Delivery and Learning Development (CIDL) is an initiative for enhanced learning delivery via most popular media, to provide a friendly learning experience for all! that is in line with the University’s lifelong and online learning aspirations. Learning should be deliverable, accessible, flexible and enjoyable for all. For that, social media is the best platform to be utilized as an alternative instrument for teaching and learning delivery.

Almost everyone has a social media account either Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or WhatsApp and Telegram. Unlike other software or tools, these social media applications are readily available without the hassle of a purchase, installation or registration. With this social media connectivity on desktops or mobile devices, everybody can easily learn anywhere anytime.

CG service offer to UiTM

  • Short Course on Tips & Tricks for Live Class via Popular Social media.

  • Setting up for Selective Popular Social media LIVE Session using Stream yard etc.

  • Training of Trainers (ToT) on Teaching and Learning Using Popular Social media.

Training modules

CGSM provides simple training modules to explore the effective use of social media in teaching and learning. Considering that everybody is already savvy with the social media, the training is provided to explore more tips and tricks to innovatively use the social media for a more creative and attractive teaching delivery. The modules for the training involve the use of FB, IG, YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram for desktop, iPad or tablet and smartphone users.

Modules include:

  • LIVE Class

  • Interactive Activities

  • Sharing Materials

  • Presentation Session

  • Public and Privacy

Plan of the year 2020

Platform:  Socmeds LIVE

Venue:  In House Training @ ILD Enstek, Negeri Sembilan

September-December (once/ month/ online)

  • Half Day Course Low-Tech Social Media (WA, TELE)

  • Half Day Course Tips and Tricks for FB

  • Half Day Course Tips and Tricks for IG

  • Half Day Course Tips and Tricks for Youtube

December (once/ year)

  • Prepare you students

Social Media Team

Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Mohd Nor Mamat
CG Social Media Felo

Assoc Prof. Dr. Nazlinda Abdullah
Team Member
Faculty of Applied Sciences

Dr. Azlan Abdul

Team Member
Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Norhapizah Mohd

Team Member
Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies

Dr. Ahmad Rithaudin
Md Noor

Team Member
Faculty of Medicine

Mohd Zairul

Team Member
Faculty of Information Management

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