Open And Distance Learning (ODL)

With the advent of technology, higher education institutions no longer confined to the traditional brick and mortar learning and teaching methods.

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) refers to the provision of flexible educational opportunities in terms of access and multiple modes of knowledge acquisition.

  • Flexible means the availability of choices for educational endeavors anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

  • Access means opportunity made available to all, freeing them from constraints of time and place.

  • Multiple modes mean the use of various delivery systems and learning resources.

What are the benefits of ODL?

In general, ODL is the emerging trend to access quality education, lifelong learning opportunities, flexible modes of learning, and conducive learning environment for young school leavers, university communities and the working population. Students participate in online lectures, tutorials and self-directed online learning. While online tests and assignments allow students to instantly review the marks and feedback to help them improve in their next sittings.

ODL presents a potpourri of benefits where it transforms education to be more flexible and accessible to meet the needs of the 21st century learners.

Do you want to know more about ODL? Come.Let us venture this new way of learning together.

Collaborative Group(CG) Open & Distance Learning(ODL)

The Collaborative Group of Open & Distance Learning (CG ODL) was established in the year 2020 to facilitate the administrative and academic support of academic programs offered in open and distance learning mode.

CG ODL Objectives:

  • To promote the importance of open and distance education

  • To encourage quality teaching and learning via open and distance learning mode

  • To support the development of current instructional media and methods in open and distance learning

  • To facilitate collaboration and networking among lecturers

Description About CG

a) CG ODL Initiatives & Services

i. Trainings

  • To provide online & onsite trainings

  • To provide Certified Training of Trainers in Open & Distance Learning

ii. Guidelines & Modules

  • To provide ODL SIM and Learning Design Guidelines

  • To provide ODL SIM and Learning Design Modules

iii. Consultation

  • To provide consultation related to ODL planning and content development

b) Training Modules

  • ODL 101 : Teaching and Learning Concept

  • iInstructional and Learning Design for ODL

  • Curating ODL Self-Instructional Materials (Printed, Audiovisual, & Digital)

c) CG ODL Project

i. From Online to On Air

  • This project focuses on the process of how to produce appropriate teaching and learning materials for on air platforms.

ii. ODL My Way

iii. ODL Research & Publication

Training planning

a) Online Trainings

i. Webinar Series 1/2020 – Annotation Tools

  • Annotation Tools

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Google Classroom

  • MS Office & Acrobat Reader

  • Video

  • Socratic Questioning, Open Book & Take-Home Exams

ii. Webinar Series 2/2020 – ODL Best Practices

  • ODL Teaching & Learning Best Practices

  • ODL Tips & Tricks

  • ODL Assessment Best Practices

  • ODL Teaching & Learning Materials

  • Engaging ODL Teaching & Learning Through Gamification

  • Transforming Teaching Materials with MS PowerPoint

  • Research Opportunities in ODL

iii. Webinar Series 3/2020

  • What Is ODL & How to Embrace It?

  • Motivating Factors In ODL

iv. Webinar Series 1/2021 - Constructing Self-Instructional Materials

  • AudioVisual SIM (Video)

  • AudioVisual SIM (Audio)

  • Printed SIM

  • Digital SIM (Web-based Resources)

  • Digital SIM (OER & Courseware)

v. Webinar Series 2/2021 – Learning Design

  • Designing ODL Learning

  • Designing ODL Activities

  • Designing ODL Assessment

  • ODL Learning Tools

  • Championing ODL

vi. Webinar Series 3/2021 – ODL My Way

b) Onsite Trainings (Institute of Leadership and Development (ILD), Faculties & Campuses)

  • Course Design : Make Learning Inclusive with Universal Design

  • Online Pedagogy : Systematic Instructional Design

  • Content Development : Self-Instructional Materials Development

  • Remote Teaching : Learn to Teach Online

  • Instructional Technologies : Microsoft Teams

  • Instructional Technologies : Microsoft 365

  • Instructional Media : Visual Design for Education using Adobe Photoshopp

  • Instructional Media : Transforming Lecture Slides to Video

c) Form:

Open and Distance Learning Team

Erny Arniza Ahmad
CG Open and Distance Learning Fellow

Dr. Mohamad Shahril

Team Member
Faculty of Accountancy


Team Member
Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Ts. Mohd Norafizal
Abd Aziz

Team Member
Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Yuslina

Team Member
Faculty of Dentistry

Prof. Madya Dr. Harrinni Md Noor
Team Member
Faculty of Education

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Do you want to know more about ODL? Come.
Let us venture this new way of learning together.