Index of Learning Style

Learning Style Index is an instrument created by Felder & Soloman to identify student's Learning Style Preference before learning process. So please read carefully and answer the question given to identify your learning styles. This preference will help the lecturer deliver information according to your preferences.

Section 1 : Background

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Section 2 : Learning Style

Please choose one answer for each question.

1. I understand something better after I... *

2. I would rather be considered... *

3. When I think about what I did yesterday, I am most likely to get *

4. I tend to... *

5. When I am learning something new, it helps me to *

6. If I were a teacher, I would rather teach a course *

7. I prefer to get new information in *

8. Once I understand *

9. In a study group working on difficult material, I am more likely to... *

10. I find it easier... *

11. In a book with lots of pictures and charts, I am likely to *

12. When I solve math problems... *

13. In classes I have taken...*

14. In reading nonfiction, I prefer... *

15. I like teachers...*

16. When I'm analyzing a story or a novel...*

17. When I start a homework problem, I am more likely to... *

18. I prefer the idea of... *

19. I remember best... *

20. It is more important to me that an instructor... *

21. I prefer to study *

22. I am more likely to be considered *

23. When I get directions to a new place, I prefer *

24. I learn *

25. I would rather first *

26. When I am reading for enjoyment, I like writers to *

27. When I see a diagram or sketch in class, I am most likely to remember *

28. When considering a body of information, I am more likely to *

29. I more easily remember *

30. When I have to perform a task, I prefer to *

31. When someone is showing me data, I prefer *

32. When writing a paper, I am more likely to *

33. When I have to work on a group project, I first want to *

34. I consider it higher praise to call someone *

35. When I meet people at a party, I am more likely to remember *

36. When I am learning a new subject, I prefer to *

37. I am more likely to be considered *

38. Prefer courses that emphasize *

39. For entertainment, I would rather *

40. Some teachers start their lectures with an outline of what they will cover. Such outlines are *

41. The idea of doing homework in groups, with one grade for the entire group, *

42. When I am doing long calculations, *

43. I tend to picture places I have been *

44. When solving problems in a group, I would be more likely to *