Smart Classroom

Transforming Conventional Teaching & Learning into SMART Teaching & Learning

Digital learning is replacing traditional educational methods disruptively more and more each day. We have to start thinking about newer teaching and learning techniques based on Digital Learning Tools and Technologies.

With the aim to fulfil the UiTM's Agenda 2025 (Smart Campus & Education 5.0@ UiTM), Smart Classroom offers greater security, increased access to students, more interactivity, and better learning.

Smart Classrooms will provide an expansion of unique and creative learning through the provision of learning spaces and adaptive immersive technology.

CG Smart Classroom Service Offer to UiTM

  • Awareness on the benefits and functions of Smart Classrooms for personalised Teaching & Learning Environments.

  • Training and consultations on the methods and applications in Smart Classrooms.

  • Knowledge transfer on current technologies in flipped learning via Smart Learning Environments.

Our Services

  • Training & Technology Transfer: provide high quality & flexible training related to Teaching & Learning from basic to advanced levels.

  • Consultancy & Planning: provide consultation on Smart Classroom Teaching & Learning 's approaches & methods.

  • Maintenance & Support: provide continuous support to educators on utilizing Smart Classroom & technology related.


  • Training is conducted virtually or face-to-face.

  • Training offered is related to support Teaching & Learning using technology.

  • Training provided blended lectures, hands-on practice, and instructor interaction to create an effective & conducive learning environment.

List of Training

  • Make interactive learning via interactive smartboard

  • Make your flipped learning blooming

  • Training on teacher's assistant apps

  • Smart classroom design standard

  • Effective tools in smart classrooms

  • Intergrating education skills in smart classrooms

  • Sensory learning experiences using VR/AR in smart classrooms

Smart Classroom Team


Muhammad Zahir Zulkernain
CG Smart Classroom Fellow

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