Virtual Learning

Collaborative Group for Virtual Learning is one of the learning delivery platform under the Center for Innovative Delivery and Learning Development (CIDL). In CGVL, we innovate new knowledge and talent with new millennial skill by going beyond the extraordinary way of teaching and learning. This effort is been done by adapting the surfing wave of pervasive nature of technology that alter the delivery of education. In Virtual Learning (VL) we are not replacing the classrooms or the lecturers, but we enhance them to a better environment and opportunities to facilitate the teaching and learning process widely and globally.

In Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), we have a unique concept of VL where it is nurtured by a special academic compass namely as Education 5.0 to navigate the future. The special attribute of VL@UiTM with a balance combination of high-tech and high-touch (the touch of high value and humanity). Therefore, the implementation of VL@UiTM will be done in 3Hs-On; Hands-On, Heads-On and Hearts-On. This is to ensure that we are using the technology to benefit us professionally and at the same time we have full control to avoid its negative impact wisely. In short, VL@UiTM is Light & Easy with flexible surfing for lifewide and lifelong learning efficiently.

CG service offer to UiTM

  • Coaching and Mentoring.

  • Short Courses on Virtual Learning Tools.

  • Certified Training of Trainers (ToT) on Virtual Learning Teaching and Learning.

Training modules

CGVL develops engaging training modules with the theme of “VL@Uitm is Light & Easy with Flexible Surfing for Lifewide and Lifelong Learning Efficiently.” The modules are designed to suit your delivery needs with the latest learning theory and technology. In addition, CGVL modules also facilitate to set up virtual event for hosting and technical supports.

Modules include:

  • Webinars

  • Virtual Classroom

  • Interactive Activities

  • Sharing Materials

  • Presentation Session

  • Public and Privacy

  • Virtual events

Plan of the year 2020

Modules include:

  • Webinar Microsoft Teams & Cisco Webex, September 2020

  • Webinar Zoom, October 2020

  • Short Course for Virtual Learning Tools, November 2020

  • Certified TOT for Virtual Learning Tools (Sirie 1) December 2020

Virtual learning Team

Siti Fatahiyah Mahamood
CG Virtual Learning Felo

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Eddy Hasrul Hassan
Team Member
Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Mohd Zaki Awang Chek
Team Member
Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Ts. Noorfaizalfarid Mohd Noor
Team Member
Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Mohd Ali Mohd

Team Member
Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Azlan Abdul

Team Member
Academy of Language Studies(APB)

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