360 Video Learning

360 video or spherical video is a new technological innovation in teaching and learning. It provides an engaging, reproducible, and consistent platform for delivering knowledge which I believe can not only help educators in observing learners’ behaviour in classrooms but also improve the effectiveness of teaching methods.

360 video records teaching and learning in a classroom from all directions, giving a complete 360-degree view. Learners are able to control the viewing direction and watch the video from any angle. This immersive experience allows learners to engage with their surroundings, develop better connection and deeper understanding of their learning.

Technology has always gone hand in hand with education. With the accessibility of 360 video there are huge benefits in teaching and learning. Let’s now explore this spherical world together for the betterment of our students.

360 Video Leaning Team

Mohd Nizar Mohd Mokhtar
CG 360 Video Learning Felo

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