Global Learning

Global learning brings international opportunities right to the front door of your classrooms (even better now with Open and Distance Learning (ODL)). In line with Education 5.0 @ UiTM and the University’s aspiration to provide world-class education as well as to produce well-balanced, entrepreneurial graduates who are globally competent, global learning provides a platform for educators and learners from all over the world to build international networks and improve teaching and learning experiences by conducting global learning session in your own class.

“ We all want the same thing— a university education that results in high levels of learning and personal development for all students. ”
-Professor George Kuh, Indiana University

Seeing is believing; let’s have a look at what learners and practitioners have to say about their global learning experiences.

What do learners say?

Global learning session
/ GLS 003 Feedback

Global learning session
/ GLS 004 Feedback

What do practitioners say?

You have heard it from the students. Let us now look at what the practitioners have to say about their experience in planning and conducting global learning sessions in their classes.

Interview with Dr Farah Ayunie,
Faculty of Health Sciences (GLS 006)

Interview with Dr Siti Hafsyah,
Faculty of Law (GLS 005/ 007/ 008)

Interview with Pn Wan Faizatul Azirah Ismayatim,
Akademi Pengajian Bahasa (GLS 002)

Global learning goes global

Here are some sessions of global learning conducted around the world.

Global Learning Session

Global Learning Session
/ GLS 007 US

Global Learning Session

Global Learning Session

Global Learning Session

Global Learning Session

Global Learning Session

How do you start your own
Global Learning session in the Classroom?

Phase 1 Planning Global Learning

  • Study the syllabus

  • Know your students

  • Match the topic/sub topic to the speaker’s expertise

  • Discuss and get approval from the management (if necessary)

  • Firm up details

Phase 2 Implementation (virtual/online)

  • Prepare you students

  • Prepare your lessons

  • Have a pre-discussion/meeting with your invited speaker

  • Set the time & duration

  • Run the lesson

Phase 3 Review and improve

  • Ask feedback from students, have post session discussion

  • Send a "thank you" email to your colleague/invited speaker

  • Self-reflect, self evaluate, improve and plan your next session

Global Learning Team

We are happy to assist you to REALISE your Global Learning session in the classroom

Nadiah Thanthawi Jauhari
CG Global Learning Felo

Siti Hafsyah Idris,PhD
Team Member
Faculty of Law

Elia Md Johar,PhD
Team Member
Academy of Language Studies(APB)

Julina Munchar
Team Member
Academy of Language Studies(APB)

Wan Faizatul Azirah Ismayatim
Team Member
Academy of Language Studies(APB)

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