Collaborative Teaching

Collaborative teaching (CT), also known as cooperative teaching or team teaching, refers to teaching approaches that can involve experts from within and across disciplines along with the industrial practitioners, working together to educate, mentor, facilitate and train groups of students with the aim to empower student self- learning. The approach to teaching collaboration is not limited to the aspect of delivery, but incorporates aspects of content development and assessments as well.

Why Collaborative Teaching?

  • Enriching student learning experience

  • Synergizing of expertise

  • Mentor-mentee coaching

  • Intensifying Professor-on-demand

  • Optimizing the resources

  • Reducing the number of PTFT

  • Allowing innovation in teaching and learning

The Concepts

  • The course content and the course learning outcomes (CLOs) remain intact. No changes are required to the existing course content and the CLOs.

  • The projects must involve UiTM students as the end recipients.

  • At least two teaching expert are involved in the learning of a course. The expert can be among:

    • lecturers from within / across the faculties / campuses / universities;

    • industrial players from local / international industries / companaies; or

    • individuals with extensive knowledge, skills and abilities in certain fields.

  • The collaboration can be in terms of:

    • content sharing / developing;

    • delivery - mass lecture / guest lecturer (local / international); and/or

    • assessment - interdisciplinary / transdisciplinary / selected assessment part.

  • The mode of collaboration for teaching and content development can be:

    • a rotation basis

    • an assignment basis

    • a sharing basis

Collaborative Teaching Model

  • Model 1 : Content

  • Model 2 : Delivery

  • Model 3 : Assessment

  • Model 4 : Content and Delivery

  • Model 5 : Content and Assessment

  • Model 6 : Delivery and Assessment

  • Model 7 : Content, Delivery and Assessment

Collaborative Teaching Team


Rasyiqah Batrisya Md Zolkapli
CG Collaborative Teaching Fellow


Sri Fitriaty Mohd Kenali
Team Member
Academy Of Language Studies


Shahira Adam
Team Member
Academy Of Language Studies


Nurain Jantan Anua Jah
Team Member
Academy Of Language Studies


Susanna Bithiah Varma
Team Member
Academy Of Language Studies


NurulNabilah Abdul Aziz
Team Member
Academy Of Language Studies

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