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Collaborative Groups @ CIDL

The main function of the center is to spearhead innovation in delivery and learning in line with the latest technological advances and ensure the successful and sustainable adoption of creative and innovative technologies in delivery and learning at UiTM.

Learning Delivery Highlight

Virtual Learning

In virtual learning, we innovate new knowledge and talent with new millennial skill by going beyond the extraordinary way of teaching and learning. This effort is been done by adapting the surfing wave of pervasive nature of technology that alter the delivery of education. In Virtual Learning (VL) we are not replacing the classrooms or the lecturers, but we enhance them to a better environment and opportunities to facilitate the teaching and learning process widely and globally.

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Social Media

Collaborative Group for Social Media as Learning Delivery Platform (CGSM) under the Centre for Innovative Delivery and Learning Development (CIDL) is an initiative for enhanced learning delivery via most popular media, to provide a friendly learning experience for all! that is in line with the University’s lifelong and online learning aspirations. Learning should be deliverable, accessible, flexible and enjoyable for all. For that, social media is the best platform to be utilized as an alternative instrument for teaching and learning delivery.

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Open And Distance Learning (ODL)

With the advent of technology, higher education institutions no longer confined to the traditional brick and mortar learning and teaching methods. Open and Distance Learning (ODL) refers to the provision of flexible educational opportunities in terms of access and multiple modes of knowledge acquisition..

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Gamification is the concept of using game design elements and game principles in non-game environments to make them more fun and interactive. Gamification has been proven to increase the level of engagement and motivation in student learning. This is applied mainly in the classroom and online learning environments.

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